April 26, 2011

Unorganized Religion [judd]

I’m ready for some unorganized religion
Any day of the week, prepared for anything
I bring a guitar and you a poem
Together we make a song
He brings a thought
She, an open mind
Together they share an idea
Jesus is there
He’s listening as he sits
On the arm of the sofa
Now lingering with us in the kitchen
Drinking the last cup of coffee
And not making more

So now we need a rule that if you
Drink the last cup,
Even if you’re Jesus,
You must make more coffee
Jesus, you got this started and now
Because of you, we need a rule
Where once we followed you,
Highest prince, loveliest lord,
Now we follow more rules because
Rules are like potato chips
You can’t have just one.

And pretty soon we’re talking about
Buildings, bylaws, and budgets
When we get to that point
I’m getting out
Jesus and me, we’re going
To the Starbucks at the mall
Where I don’t expect Jesus
To make the coffee
The two of us, unorganized

1 comment:

  1. The concept of wanting Jesus to get up and make the coffee is humorous, and I like the imagery. Nice alliteration, too. :)